Massage Testimonials

“I have been going to Jaci for the past year. As a competitive master runner, massage is an important element in my training, and Jaci's technique and touch have been extremely beneficial. I recommend her to athletes of all ages.”

Johnny S.

“Before I became acquainted with Jaci, I had experienced a grand total of one massage in my rather long life. The whole idea of searching for the right place seemed to be just too much to tackle. Last November, one of her networking partners gave me her name. I’d been having some difficulty after long walks, and also after strenuous exercise so I figured ‘Why not?’ Well, I am happy to say that the first venture into her cozy studio with the soft music, soft lights, and pleasing aroma convinced me that I had been missing a lot in life. Then my massage started… If I let all the superlatives out that I have come to be so convinced of, this would read like one of those TV infomercials. I never knew that massaging the face could be so relaxing and yet invigorating. Who realized how important gently or firmly working the fingers and toes could be? Finally I should really mention that I’ve found Jaci to be a delightful conversationalist too (If I’m in the mood). It has always been a very comfortable feeling to walk into her studio and just start up where we left off previously. To say that I recommend her highly to anyone would be a vast understatement.”

Bill D.

“When I started seeing Jaci over 10 years ago, I was having significant back pain. Her massage has been a lifesaver for me. Not only is my back better, but also her massage helps relieve the stress and tension my body accumulates between visits. Jaci knows my problem spots well and takes excellent care of me.”

Mary S.

“Jaci's been giving me bi-weekly massages for over FIVE years now. She does an excellent job and I highly recommend her to everyone else. If you're looking for a massage therapist, look no farther and make an appointment with her. You won't be disappointed.”

Dwayne M.

“I have a permanent injury to my shoulder/neck and hands. This injury made my ability to turn my neck not only painful, but also limited; that is, until I started going to Jaci for concentrated massages on the afflicted area. I am now able to sleep thru the night, whereas before the pain would wake me. When I tried to get out of bed, I was unable to turn my head because it had become stiff during the night. Jaci’s true concern for pain relief and mobility and her amazing gift to find the troubled muscles continue to help me enjoy a more normal life. I absolutely recommend Jaci for her quality and caring massages.”

Debe B.