Parents’ Testimonials

"It was wonderful after both of my children were born to feel like myself. I know from talking with other moms that the baby blues are common in the postpartum period. I decided to encapsulate my placenta with both of my babies. I truly think it made my recovery quicker. I was going for a short walks around our neighborhood days after delivery with both of my children. I feel I was able to truly enjoy the precious first weeks with my newborn babies with a clear mind and a good energy level. The two times I had crying periods were when I was weaning off my dose. After going back up to two capsules, three times a day, I felt great. I then waited another week before trying to wean again. Encapsulating is not a common practice here in the states which is why I did not learn about it until late in my first pregnancy and I am so glad I did. I would certainly recommend encapsulating to anyone interested."


"Prenatal yoga is a fabulous way of meeting other like-minded moms while feeling you are doing something good for you and your baby. I used the slow steady breathing from yoga all during my birth. And the simple touch of Jaci’s hands during the relaxation portion at the end of class is enough to make your eyes roll into the back of your head-an incredible way to relax, regardless of what happened during your day before class, or what you do after class."

Michelle G.

“You are a great community resource. As a birth doula, massage therapist, yoga instructor and Bradley natural childbirth educator, you are like a one-stop shop for the pregnant woman. From yoga classes to full-body massage, I knew I was in great hands with you, because you have so much experience with pregnant and birthing women. Anytime I spent with you prepared me more for birth than going to any other person. I was always so much more confident getting a massage from you, or taking yoga classes with you because you bring such a breadth and depth of knowledge to the process. It's not for nothing that everyone always remembers Jaci's "excellent pushing position" during their birth. I knew I had found a great support in you when even my mom, who is usually highly skeptical of "touchy-feely" stuff, came away from your yoga and birth class saying that she was so glad that I had been able to take classes with you, as you are so caring and competent.

Thanks, again, for everything you did to help my pregnancy and birth be as joyful and tranquil as it was.”

Vanessa G.

“We have had two wonderfully gratifying and immensely joyful birth experiences with Jaci at our side as our doula. She was so much an invaluable part of our experiences, always supportive, yet never overbearing, allowing us to claim them as our own. Her caring and encouraging presence grounded us both throughout our pregnancies and labors.

During the journey of my pregnancies, Jaci always had time to lend me a truly engaged and compassionate ear. During both births I felt great relief and comfort knowing that she was with us, her hands massaging me through contraction after contraction, her voice centering me. She is just the person you want as your advocate for a positive natural birth experience, especially in a hospital situation --intensely tuned in to your energy, yet unassuming, diplomatic, unflappable, and ready to stay by your side for the long haul.

We took her birth class during both pregnancies, and as a result approached the birth of our children feeling empowered and calm. I feel so fortunate to have been able to take part in her Prenatal Yoga classes as well -- she so gracefully and soothingly led the class through therapeutic poses and states of mind. The class helped me relax and feel closer to my growing baby, allowing me to savor the feeling of being a pregnant woman taking care of her body and her baby. Thank you, Jaci!!”

Andi K.

“My husband and I are so pleased with our decision to have Jaci at both of our children's births. We really wanted natural births, and believe that having Jaci with us helped us succeed with this goal. Her birth classes informed and prepared us, set our expectations -- and we even made some new friends. Having Jaci as our doula enabled me to labor at home longer, and provided us an advocate at the hospital. With a professional but personal demeanor, she works well with the nurses, doctors and midwives, and knew how to ask for things that we didn't. We trust Jaci's knowledge and experience and it was great to bounce questions and scenarios by her and get her feedback to help with our decisions. I had my husband and mom there at both births, and while they were awesome, we still needed Jaci for her experience, knowledge and support.”

Hilary M.

for putting us at ease when we first met.
we felt right away we could trust you.

for listening to my worries and giving
reassuring answers

for helping me be proactive in the weeks
leading up to birth - finding things I could do
to get myself ready, instead of focusing on my fears

for driving us to the hospital so that Jonny
could be with me when I needed him

for being a calm voice during the hardest contractions

for helping me stay focused and reminding me to breathe

Kristen V.

“Jaci’s groundedness and soothing nature were the perfect addition to our pregnancy. Whether stretching in prenatal yoga (oh, the love of her shivasana massages), becoming better informed in her birth classes (wonderful for my husband, too), totally de-stressing on her massage table, or being gently guided in my sweet daughter’s birth, I felt my pregnancy and birth were exactly how I wanted them to be -- with Jaci’s help!”

Anastasia P.

“I learned so much from Jaci's Bradley birthing class. It helps to know what to expect and what is available. She is very supportive and presents the facts in a concise and organized manner. I definitely recommend taking this class prior to giving birth! Jaci's yoga classes are wonderful as well. She leads you through poses and stretches and reminds you to work within your body's limits. Such a good workout during pregnancy!”

Melinda M.

"I was somewhat nervous about having a VBAC, but having Jaci by my side gave me a tremendous amount of confidence and support. She was there when I needed her, but definitely allowed my husband and I to have a private experience. She is good at assessing the situation and giving the right amount of input. I would highly recommend Jaci for anyone having a VBAC!"

Tolly C.

“Words cannot fully express just how important Jaci was to me and my husband during my pregnancy, labor, and the birth of our son. She is wise, experienced, intuitive, warm, and empathic. These amazing qualities make her an ideal choice for any woman searching for support during this special life experience.

She took the time to get to know me, and my husband well. She paid close attention to what specifically makes us feel happy and relaxed, and then she incorporated those details into her role as our doula. Her extensive training in yoga and massage was invaluable, both in speeding my entry into labor and helping to relieve the discomforts of labor. Most importantly, her soft voice and inspirational words were soothing and motivating at the same time.

Ultimately, as I labored for 33 hours and pushed for over 5 hours, Jaci helped me discover an incredible strength deep within me that I did not know existed. Furthermore, she skillfully avoided upstaging my husband as labor partner; on the contrary, her presence helped him be a more effective support person. Together, my husband and Jaci truly were my dream team, guiding me successfully through a difficult labor process. My husband and I are thrilled with our healthy, happy son and grateful that Jaci helped us bring him into the world via a wonderful, empowering vaginal birth! I enthusiastically recommend Jaci to you for labor support.”

Dr. Nicole K.