Prenatal Yoga

  • Enhance the bonding process with your baby
  • Create empowering connections with pregnant women
  • Support a comfortable pregnancy
  • Prepare the body, mind, and spirit for birth

Practicing prenatal yoga in a class setting allows women to feel connected to their babies, as well as other pregnant women. Each class opens with a collective sharing of the physical, mental, and emotional changes pregnancy has brought that day or week. Such openness encourages an empowering primal connection that can help carry women through pregnancy, labor, birth, and parenting. The physical poses (known as asanas) promote comfort and help to release pressure on the body brought on by a growing baby. Along with the asanas, classes can include breath work and meditation, both of which are invaluable during labor. These classes are designed to help mothers build their practice before the “big day,” so that in labor, effective movements and breathing will kick in instinctively. Prenatal yoga truly helps a woman to surrender to and move with the energy and process of birth.

Private sessions available by appointment. Call (805) 407-1202 to schedule yours.

What Our Clients Say…

"I looked forward to Jaci’s prenatal yoga classes every week, especially during the last stretch of my pregnancy. I loved connecting with other expecting moms, and I always left feeling calm, fit, and refreshed."

Emily R.

"I used the slow steady breathing from yoga all during my birth. And the simple touch of Jaci’s hands during the relaxation portion at the end of class is enough to make your eyes roll into the back of your head -- an incredible way to relax."

Michelle G.

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