Ina May Gaskin Explains the Sphincter Law (Or, How Babies Are

Ina May Gaskin, certified professional midwife, birth activist and
author, coined the term “Sphincter Law,” in an effort to educate
parents on how a woman’s body really works. Conventional Western
medical thinking has established the “Law of the Three Ps” –
passage, passenger and powers – a concept that can undermine a
woman’s confidence in birth. (E.g.: “Is my passage, or birth canal, the
right size?” “Is my passenger, or child, too large?” or “Are my powers,
or contractions, really working?”) These messages, says Ina May, are
just wrongheaded.

In this article, she explains how the cervix, the main sphincter
involved birth, works, and how is best treated in this most intimate of

Excellent reading for anyone who is involved in the birthing process,
from doctors to birth partners, doulas, and most importantly, mothers.

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