How Does a Birth Doula Benefit a Mother in Labor?

When trying to decide whether to interview a birth doula or not, a
parent-to-be has many questions for the doula. Oftentimes, the
primary one is, “Why should I hire a doula?” In essence, what is a
birth doula going to do for me in birth that a partner can’t do alone?
There are many articles online that can list the services that a doula
provides, but the nitty-gritty of the benefits are best illustrated in
a scientific report published by The Cochrane Library (2011), and
provided by Childbirth Connection. The report is an
overview of the study of 15,061 women in birth. The research therein
demonstrates exactly how women greatly benefit from continuous
support during birth.

The beginning of the article linked to below gives the premise of
the study; the results are listed further down, including a link to a
downloadable file of the complete study.

The bullet-pointed results really speak for themselves, click here for the report.

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