Ready to Stay by Your Side for the Long Haul

“We have had two wonderfully gratifying and immensely joyful birth experiences with Jaci at our side as our doula. She was so much an invaluable part of our experiences, always supportive, yet never overbearing, allowing us to claim them as our own. Her caring and encouraging presence grounded us both throughout our pregnancies and labors.

During the journey of my pregnancies, Jaci always had time to lend me a truly engaged and compassionate ear. During both births I felt great relief and comfort knowing that she was with us, her hands massaging me through contraction after contraction, her voice centering me. She is just the person you want as your advocate for a positive natural birth experience, especially in a hospital situation –intensely tuned in to your energy, yet unassuming, diplomatic, unflappable, and ready to stay by your side for the long haul.

We took her birth class during both pregnancies, and as a result approached the birth of our children feeling empowered and calm. I feel so fortunate to have been able to take part in her Prenatal Yoga classes as well — she so gracefully and soothingly led the class through therapeutic poses and states of mind. The class helped me relax and feel closer to my growing baby, allowing me to savor the feeling of being a pregnant woman taking care of her body and her baby. Thank you, Jaci!!”

~ Andi K.